dpHUE Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • $30.00

GLOSS+ stains the outside of the hair with pigment, enhancing and deepening current hair color. It will not lighten your hair. When used as intended, you shouldn’t notice a dramatic change. No harsh peroxide or ammonia and no hassle with mixing. Just hydrating, color-loving ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and illuminated. GLOSS+ may stain your hands. Use gloves or wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Use whenever you want a color boost. Leave on for 3-20 minutes, depending on desired effect. It’s the easiest way to up your color game, in a snap.

6.5 oz.

Golden Blonde: 
Adds sheer golden tones to hair. Will not lighten hair.

Warm Brown Medium: 
For medium brown with warm undertones

Dark Brown/Black: 
Neutral deep brunette

Cool Dark Brown: 
Do not use on highlighted hair. A dark brown with cool undertones.

Burnt Copper: 
Do not use on highlighted hair. Adds copper tones to natural dark red and brunette hair.