SpaRoom - Aromafier®/AromaColor™ Refill Pads

SpaRoom - Aromafier®/AromaColor™ Refill Pads

  • $3.00

Aromafier®/AromaColor™ refill pads fit perfectly inside the accompanying diffuser.

Once you have your Aromafier®/AromaColor™ diffuser opened and have removed the vented insert, simply add drops of your choice of essential oil to the absorbing pad. The more oil you add, the stronger the fragrance will be once your device is operating.

Suggested duration is about 3 weeks when operating frequently. Each pack includes 6 microfiber absorbing refills.


- 1 pack = 6 refills

- 2 pack = 12 refills

- 3 pack = 18 refills