SpaRoom - AromaTime™

  • $70.00

AromaTime™ is a digital clock, alarm clock and an ultrasonic aromatherapy mister all in one.

This alarm clock diffuser utilizes the latest technology to enhance the aromatherapy experience. Ultrasonic vibrations produce consistent humidification to support wellness practices. Optional colored lights support a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

• Measures 5.25”D x 7.25”H

• Water Capacity: 200 mL (6.8 fl oz)

• Add essential oil directly to the water for a healthy, soothing, fragrant spa environment (Oil not included)

• Suggested Room Size: 400 sq ft

• Continuous Operation: Up to 6 hours

• Intermittent Operation: Up to 12 hours

• Light Mode: Solid, rotating color and off

• LED display • Shut-off timer 30 / 60 / 120 / 180 minutes

• Power: AC adapter included; C UL US approved

• Automatic safety shut-of